Founded in 2012 and based in Berlin, the Vision String Quartet performs the classical repertoire alongside the players' own compositions and arrangements of other disparate genres.   The Quartet performs from memory and standing up, giving its performances an added intimacy and intensity.  Ligeti's first string quartet was inspired by those of his fellow-Hungarian, Bela Bartók and is in one continuous movement.  Schubert's Quartettsatz is one of several works which remain popular despite being, like his famous eighth symphony, 'unfinished'.  His penultimate complete quartet is named, like the 'Trout' quintet, after the song he chose as a theme for variations.  

…amazingly vivacious, vivid and electrifying… the hot-blooded guys from the Vision String Quartet seem to be completely fearless

Der Tagesspiegel, 15 June 2016

Vision String Quartet