Newcastle Chamber Music Society

2018-19 Season Booking Form to print and return by post

Season subscriptions only - individual tickets are from Sage Gateshead box office.


*Solely for NCMS use::

Please read the Privacy notice below and fill in the consent form and enclose it with your subscription request.

Please send me/us  ............ subscription ticket(s) at £95.

Location:     Level 1 stalls     -    Level 1 tiered seating    -    Level 2

I am a UK taxpayer and should like to Gift Aid my donation       Yes/No

I should like to be a Friend of NCMS (see below)   Yes/No

I agree to the conditions of membership of NCMS (see below) Yes/No

Please send the completed form with your remittance and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Mrs Sarah Fearon, Hon Secretary to NCMS, 14 Lansdowne Gardens,

Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1HE.







Total price of tickets

Optional donation

Total remittance enclosed

Cheques payable to 'Chamber Music Society'


Privacy Notice

Newcastle Chamber Music Society (NCMS) holds a mailing list, used to send out concert season brochures, to inform people about specific concerts or other Society-related activities and to invite subscribers to the AGM.

It is the Society’s policy that:

names and contact details of subscribers, Friends and those on the general mailing list will be held securely, and individuals may contact the Society to alter or delete any personal data;

individuals will only be contacted on matters relating to the Society;

contact and personal details will never be shared with any other organisation;

the Secretary, currently Sarah Fearon, has responsibility for data protection.


NCMS would be most grateful if you will allow us to stay in touch with you, by completing the form below. Please return completed forms to the Hon Secretary Sarah Fearon, 14 Lansdowne Gardens, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1HE*

I have read the Society’s Privacy Notice (above)

I understand that my data will not be passed to any third party

I am happy to be contacted by the Society for legitimate reasons to do with the Society and its music programme, by (please tick where applicable):

email   ________________________________________________________

post  ________________________________________________________

NAME (block letters)  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE  _________________________________________  DATE  ____________

*if you have received this letter electronically you must print it, then complete and return it by post

Society Membership

The Newcastle upon Tyne Chamber Music Society Ltd is both a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.  Its members, who can elect directors and vote at its annual general meeting, comprise subscription ticket holders who agree to the articles of association.  The only relevant article imposes liability of up to £1 on members if the Society is wound up.  Therefore, when purchasing subscription tickets, please indicate whether or not you agree to the conditions of membership of the Society.

Friends of the Society

Friends make a minimum donation of £15 per person per year, but need not necessarily be subscription ticket holders.